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Insomnia is a well found condition in the human beings of today’s time.

Another issue of the modern world is Anxiety.

We are born with the right to have abundance in life.

We have been so busy in the mysterious world that we lack a connection with ourself.

About App

The user friendly Good Vibes app is here, as its name suggests, to relieve you of stress, fill you with joy, bring peace, prosperity, balance and harmony in your life. Music, as we all know is one of the best stress reliever and its music that heals you in bad times and magnifies your good times. Therefore, we are here at Good Vibes, spend ample time in majestic music production to make sure that our users have a relaxing and enjoyable time using your app to bring the desired changes in their life. The new Good Vibes app has newer and more friendlier interface. You can collect your favorite  binaural tunes and make a playlist or an Album out of it. The App also has a fresh function of accessing tracks and sounds offline. And one of the most interesting perks of this app is that while on our previous platforms, we faced a difficulty of providing you with high quality audio, here we have all of it settled. So sit back, or lay down and enjoy Good Vibes and all its goodness.

High Quality Meditation Audio

500+ tracks and counting

Offline streaming

Tracks updated on a daily basis

Tracks aligned with Schumann's Solfeggio scales

Sleep Better

Insomnia is a well found condition in the human beings of today’s time. However, we have been researching on sleep and its different aspects for about four years now. Explore our variety of meditation for sleep, from delta waves to sleep hypnosis.

Relieve Anxiety

Another issue of the modern world is Anxiety. However, with our numerous grounding and strengthening sounds you can uplift your aura, mood and reduce your stress.

Attract Abundance

We are born with the right to have abundance in life .Everybody deserves more in life and our sounds deliver just that. Whther it is Love that you are seeking, wealth or positive energy, program your being into abundance with our sounds.

Heal Yourself

We have been so busy in the mysterious world that we lack a connection with ourselves. However, with our beats and sounds you can stay tuned with yourself and the world at the same time.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between the Sounds on the Good Vibes Youtube channel and Good Vibes apps ?

As the tracks are uploaded on youtube, the sounds are automatically compressed decreasing the bitrate of the audio and hampering the quality of the audio overall. However, in Good Vibes app, the streaming quality is maintained so that you can experience high quality sounds.

How can I get the best experience of the Good Vibes sounds ?

In order to listen to Good Vibes sounds at its maximum manifestation potential, it is highly recommended that the sounds are experienced with compatible headphones or earphones. Using headphones and earphones is always recommended, however, there are certain quality ear pieces that are deemed compatible with the sounds we produce. To purchase one of them, please go to

What devices can be used to access and experience the Good Vibes app ?

The Good Vibes app is compatible with all kinds of devices whether it be your cellular-mobile phone, your tablet, your personal computer, Macintosh, laptops, desktops or Television set synced with any of your device.

How to login to the Good Vibes app ?

It is fairly easy to login to the Good Vibes app. All you need to do is download the app first, then sign up on it, confirm sign up with an email that you receive on your mailbox. After that, sign in and enjoy !

How to reset the password of your Good Vibes account ?

If you forget your password to the Good Vibes account, click on the forgot password button, submit your email address and receive a notification to change or reset your password.
For more inquiries, email us at

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